Thursday, 16 July 2015

Welcome to Bob's Fine Foods

Image learning that you like to eat.  Food.  It tastes good.  Really GOOD!  Wow.  Even better its not that hard to make.  And not that much more to make it taste really good.  You can wow your friends and loved ones.  The secret is out.  All you have to do is follow the directions....ok, don't panic yet.  Following directions takes all the guess work out and the "why do you need that?"  Who cares why you need it, just do it.  It will taste great.

I room and boarded with a family my last year of high school and was at home alone one day and had to call my Mom across the country to ask how to boil a potato.  Somewhat embarrassing; but, there you have it.  I sucked in the kitchen.  I could grill a steak or chicken breast and make bacon and eggs, I am a man after all.  I realized help was needed.

My Mom had given me the Joy of Cooking and it made a great paper weight.  It was too much for me.  Although it does have all the references you will ever need.  The book that changed my life was "6 ingredients or less".  Water, salt, and other normal things are ingredients.  Not weird things like shallots, kale or spices.  It gave me the confidence to work up to using garlic and to chop things up myself.

Now I look for all kinds of fun looking things to make.  I just follow someone else's directions.  Occasionally I come up with my own simple recipe.  More likely I look at multiple recipes and merge them into something I think I will like.  I've come a long way from eating raw potatoes.  You can too.  Just build your confidence slowly and challenge yourself when you have the time and inclination to do so.

I hope you like my selections I will post.  Everything will be something that I have made myself.  Perhaps I might even come up with a rating system for ease, challenge and taste.  Until I do rest assured that everything was fun to make and eat.

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